Nouval is a house hold name and market leader in its industry. We forged a sleek contemporary approach when rebranding to make a bold statement about Nouval’s position as a market leader, set it apart as a trendsetter and emphasize its timeless, durable qualities.



Digital Studio has been working with Nouval to Rebrand the market leader giving it a contemporary approach. The new visual identity was constructed includes art direction, Packaging design, Uniforms, and a corporate manual. Other services were operated to accentuate the new brand identity, encompassing media buying, digital marketing and social media management.

logo uplift & art direction

color palette


sub brands variations

brand identity applications

store fronts

office interiors & posters


factory uniform design

MOTHER'S DAY media buying campaign

media buying campaign

“nouval turns 50”


The market leader celebrated its 50th birthday with a digital copy and a campaign featuring its workers and celebrating their successes for more than half a century. Digital Studio collaborated with Nouval by offering our media buying services which earned the campaign widespread recognition and reach.